This work is funded by the New Mexico Department of Health Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Program.

The CDC states to fully control asthma, individuals should remove triggers which cause symptoms. These triggers include ceasing use of tobacco and nicotine products and to remove second and third hand smoke from all environments as smoking tobacco and nicotine products and subsequent exposure can significantly impact an individual’s ability to control their asthma.

Following the national trend, the 2016-2018, New Mexico Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) shows among adults with asthma in New Mexico are more likely to smoke compared to adults with no asthma.




Working in Collaboration with the New Mexico Department of Health Tobacco Use Prevention And Control Program and the New Mexico Department of Health Asthma Control Program, Constellation Consulting has created an Asthma Resource Guide. This guide, published in June of 2021 and updated in June, 2022 with two free CME training modules for medical providers, features secondhand smoke resources, online training resources, systems change guidance, and state and national online resources. This guide is free to download, and will be updated as appropriate.

If you would like to add resources or a training to the guide, please email

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