According to the New Mexico Department of Health's Nicotine Use Prevention And Control Program:

Although significant progress has been made in reducing the impact of tobacco use in our state in the past decade, there are still nearly 260,000 adult and over 9,000 youth cigarette smokers, and many more who use other forms of tobacco. The use of e-cigarettes by 1 in 3 high youth and the potential for nicotine addiction among a new generation of young people is of significant public health concern. Fortunately, many of the proven approaches for reducing smoking and secondhand smoke exposure can be applied to e-cigarettes, including policies that restrict access to youth, promotion of quitting any tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, using proven methods, and educating the public on harms of nicotine addiction.

A variety of resources, technical assistance, trainings, and networking opportunities are available for those who are interested in addressing tobacco and nicotine prevention and control in New Mexico.

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